Lioness Medicine

Saturday, 15.12. 3pm-8pm at Falckensteinstr. 46 - 4th floor -Praxis

Price 55 till the 30th of November after that 59€

Lioness Medicine

"The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires"
-Clarissa Pinkoly Estes

About Kathrin and SinkintoRising

SinkintoRising is a unique set of practices that draws from Somatics, Yoga, Embodiment, Tantra, Shamanism, Astrology, Archetypal work, Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance and personal inquiery. The practices reconnect us to our internal sacredness and reclaim the full expression of the Self through our bodies.

I wish for all of us to see each other and treat each other with respect, creating a world together which grounds in the values of peace, love, suffiency and the deep worshiping towards every living being, including the earth as a living entity. And that we dare to sing more, dance more, celebrate our colours and lifeforce. That we dare to shine light on our shadowsides. Lets support each other in speaking our truth and how to deal with our weaknesses instead of having them to hide.

"Relax. Nothing is under control." Adi Da

I am an Healing Artist and Somatic Yogateacher and have a professional background in Somatic Yoga, Dancing, Physical Theatre and Physical education I have practised various movement practices my whole life, but have been living quite dissociated from my body at the same time. Something shifted for me in the moment when i stopped to orientate my movement practises on outer forms and started to fill the movement up with myself, moving from a more present state of inner awareness. Thats were the magic happens 🙂 and that's what i am creating space for, for you to discover the juiceyness, gentleness and wilderness and millions of stars, that you are.

This workshop will be held in english language unless there are only german speaking participants

What is the medicine of the Lioness?

The lioness doesn’t have predators. She is living in a state of inner peace and balance. Imagine there would be nothing to be afraid of. Imagine a world without walls, where you would see the sun touching the horizon together with friend who are thinking like you do. The Lioness sleeps up to 15 hours per day and takes her time to let things happen, rather then striving and pushing to achieve them. She embodies the power, strength, wisdom and serenity, which comes from an open heart and she reminds you to create from a place of self confidence and trust. Another reason why she is so powerful is, because she is a very loyal teamplayer. Lionesses stay with their tribe their whole life and raise their little lion babies together. She is a Symbol for Creativity, for living a joy and playful life and she will roar you into the wisdom of your heart.

What are we going to do?

We start our Journey with a Somatic Meditation (Somatic basically means "the body experienced from within") to tune into our inner senses - giving ourselves permission coming home to our bodies, our hearts and the present moment by getting more intimate with our present experience.

From this state of connection we will travel through a deep and juicy Somatic Yogaflow practice. We slowly start to move our bodies from the connection to our inner felt sense. Somatic Yogaflow connects us to universal movement patterns like pulsation, spiraling and ondulation to support the journey from stiffness to a more fluid state of our bodies and awakens the flow of energy through the central channel. To fill yourself up with yourself and let go of the contraction.

Now that our bodies are prepared and opened we will connect to our inner wisdom and our wild women self. We will go on a journey using the shamanic drum, meditation, feminine embodiment and ecstatic dance to connect and feel our unique internal sacredness and awake the wisdom of the heart and the womb, reconnect to our intuitive nature and our individual expression to move, sing, release emotions, laugh, cry, whatever arises for us in the moment. We will create a wonderful field of our unique form of our heartbased life-force energy together. And reclaim our power.

In the end we will have enough time to share, relax and integrate our experiences.

Please bring comfortable clothes to move in, as well as something you feel really beautiful in and a journal and a pen.

We will journey in a beautiful space with a fireplace. Spaces are limited, because we are going to journey in a protected intimate group of women.

Your investment till the 30th of November 55€ after that 59€

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me anything, write me through facebook or instagram or at


Lioness Medicine

Hallo liebe Ladies, für alle Frauen, die daran interessiert sind tief zu gehen, ihrer eigenen Wahrheit ins Gesicht zu lachen und das auf eine Art zu machen, die gleichzeitig safe und aufregend ist, lade ich hiermit ganz herzlich ein. Ich werde im Dezember in Berlin sein und meinen Workshop Lioness Medicine geben. Hier erzähle ich euch darüber, was euch erwartet. Falls ihr noch mehr fragen habt, schreibt mir gerne eine Nachricht. Ich freue mich Eure Kathrin von SinkintoRising

Gepostet von Sinkintorising am Sonntag, 18. November 2018


"EPIC. What Kathrin creates is epic.

I've been lucky enough to be in Kathrin's Lioness Medicine workshop and her somatic yoga classes.
In lioness medicine, Kathrin created a journey. In this journey, I tapped into primal, beautiful, angry, sexy, ancient parts of myself. I was transformed. I have never experienced anything like it and I am so grateful that I have now.
The way that Kathrin guides, you feel the new energetic in your body. My body won't forget what it was provoked to feel in this workshop. When I face moments in my daily life that call for this energy, I now know how fierce and courageous it can feel.
In her yoga classes as well, she teaches your body how to be heard and guides you in how to listen. So often in modern life, we know we need to shut off our brains. You can do that by letting the wisdom in your body speak. This is what she gives you.
I am in awe of her gifts. If you have the opportunity to take her yoga classes or one of her workshops, do it and discover how loud your instincts are clamoring to be heard. It will make you stronger, healthier, wiser and more connected."




"Kathrin and her workshop Lioness Medicine was such an incredible journey to me!
I felt so comfortable and ready to overstepping my boundaries. I learnt to trust my feminine energies, strengths and confidence.
I can recommend to everyone, trust Kathrin and her extraordinary abilities - you won‘t regret it! It changed a lot to me and would do it always again!
So happy I was part of this amazing event and I am really looking forward to join the next one! :)"


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